Aoshi Danshen Chapter BGamingBetWinner3673 Fire Field Ancient Land

56 Library Category: Fantasy Magic Author: Silent Little Thief Book Title: Chen Xiang sensed very subtle and familiar energy from the hot air. “Time-space diaphragm!” Chen Xiang looked forward to Paripesa, and then he passed Taking a closer look at the high-altitude phantom, I found that in front of the desert, there was a very inconspicuous passage, a slightly distorted gate of time and space. There is a space-time gap, which shows that this is already the edge of the creation minefield. “I actually chased here. From here, it is the Chuangyuan fire domain!” The Sportybet patriarch of the Chuangmu clan frowned and said flashscore: “Chu Jinfeng went to the Chuangyuan fire domain! Among the multiple Chuangyuan domains, only Chuangyuan Leiyu and Chuangyuan Shenyu are good, and Chuangyuan Shenyu is the hometown of the ancestors, we can’t go there.” “I don’t know what’s going on in Chuangyuan Huoyu?” “Nothing, It’s probably the same as Mozzatbet Chuangyuan Evil Domain, except that the betting becomes very hot, let’s go in! We are all at the peak of the world-defying legend realm, and we can’t die.” After speaking, these people entered the Spinmatic The gate of time and space entered the creation fire domain. Surprised in Chen Xiang’s heart, after waiting for a short while, he also entered the Chuangyuan fire domain, and then let the phantom quickly catch up with the Chuangmu people. “Leader, what the hell is he doing!” Chen Xiang learned more things from the patriarch of the Chuangmu Clan. Among so many Chuangyuan Domains, only Chuangyuan Thunder Domain and Chuangyuan God Domain are good, the others They are all dead. After entering the Chuangyuan Fire Realm, Chen Xiang did have the feeling of being in the Chuangyuan Evil Realm, but the inside of the Evil Realm was lifeless, and this place was not only lifeless, but also very hot, with waves of scalding rising from the ground. steam, puffs of hot l



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