flashscore World-defying Pill God Chapter Nairabet3658 Devouring Mine

c_t; Chen Xiang left Taiyuan Danmeng and went to Zhanhui City. He changed his appearance and hid in Zhanhui City. Read the latest chapter in full. The update is so fast. Zhanhuicheng can have a teleportation array with Taiyuan Dancheng, so he can get the latest news here. He didn’t go to Yang Genming. If people knew that he and Yang Genming were very close during this period, it would be dragged down by then. The reads of the entire Zhanhui City;. Chen Xiang’s current strength is not enough, it is difficult for him to fight against those sects and founding clans who have multiple peaks of the world-defying legend realm, so he can only develop secretly first. In just two days, the news of Chen Xiang’s ability to kill evil dragons spread throughout the newly built major cities on the ground of Slot Games of Dao Creation, and Chen Xiang also heard it in Zhanhui City. Because the Slaying Evil Dragon is the most evil incarnation of the Dao Creator Evil Ancestor, everyone has it. The Dao Creator Evil Ancestor represents destruction and disaster. Now that the Slaying Evil Dragon has been cultivated by another person, everyone is very affiliated fear. Yan Jiu knew about this a long time ago, except that he never said that Chen Xiang possessed the ability to kill evil dragons, but he knew very well what kind of person Chen Xiang was. Zhou Xingzhi sighed: “I didn’t expect Chen Xiang to be such a terrifying guy. I underestimated him before. But having said that, although he possesses the evil-slaying dragon, he doesn’t seem to have released it.” “If he If he is released, he will no longer be him! Killing the evil dragon was hit by him by mistake and cultivated. He himself has to be very careful, and he has to be vigilant at all times not to be swallowed by the killing evil dragon.” Yan Jiu said: ” He should have left Endorphina by now, and according to his character in the man city, he will definitely not implicate the leader of Chu.” “Boss Shen



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