Proud Man City Pill God Liverpool Chapter 3628 The end of God Island

Category: Fantasy Novel Author: Book Title: __c_t; Chen Xiang knew about those things, but he was still surprised by NetEnt. Who the hell is this Chu Jinfeng, who actually knows these things! Chu Jinfeng is the leader and founder of the Taiyuan Man City Dan League. The Taiyuan Man City Dan League has existed for a long time, and this livescore made Chen Xiang very curious. No pop-up window [Please go to the latest chapter of this book], visit the latest chapter: .reads;. Chen Xiang didn’t expect that Chu Jinfeng knew about the Mantra Clan! “Now the Mantra Clan is the key to breaking the contract map of the Eighth Patriarch. Now, once the Spinmatic contract map of the Eight Patriarchs is broken, the Mantra Clan will be subject to any restrictions. If they can run out of the ancient land of creation, then it will be ours.” Nightmare.” Chu Jinfeng said. Those who were invited didn’t believe it at first, but after feeling the powerful msports breath secretly released by Chu Jinfeng from the Evolution game, they believed it! One must know that some of the people who were invited were from the Late Stage of the World-Defying Legendary Realm, and even they could feel the powerful aura, so it must not be easy. “This is stronger than the breath of the late stage of the World-Defying Legendary Realm. Could it be that Nairabet is the peak strength of the World-Defying Legendary Realm?” Chen Xiang only felt a little vague breath, he was not too sure about Mozzartbet, he only knew that it was stronger than his previous ones. The late stage of the world-defying legend is much stronger. Chu Jinfeng continued: “There are a large number of Dao-creating Saint Crystals in the Dao-creating Ancient Land. This is a well-known thing, and it seems to be endless… This is true, but most of them are banned by the Eight Patriarchs’ contract map. , once the Eight Patriarchs contract map is broken, all kinds of geniuses and treasures inside will be monopolized by the Seven Schools and the Mantra Clan. They get a lot of resources and become stronger. We can only let them fish



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