Night Ranger Betting 230 Pragmatic play Chapter 13 Weapon! 【First update】

Facing the menacing Clark, Marvin had no choice but to stand up for BGaming. Because he knew that he couldn’t retreat, because Rory was behind him, and because there were still so many innocent people in the City of Hope. Although Man City is not his territory, many things in Luanshi Mountain reminded him of BetWinner’s beautiful existence. He is willing to fight to protect this land! What’s more, when he was stealing it, he had already included the black dragon Clark on the must-kill list! The current Marvin needs a lot of killing experience to increase his level, and dragon slaying is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to gain experience. An ordinary adult red dragon can contribute 16,000 experience from Parimatch to Marvin, and the experience from killing Liverpool given by Clark is definitely more abundant! So he makes an appointment with Jessica, and he will kill the black dragon. It’s just that Marvin overestimated the current Jessica. The Apocalypse Leap is trapped, and the walls of Hope City are at stake. When this disagreement happened, Marvin’s live betting was also forced to play Mozzartbet. Because he knew that Rory would not back down. This wise little girl has a stubbornness that doesn’t match her age. ●♂She stood there to give everyone confidence and courage. At the same time, it also gave Ma Wen confidence and courage. Facing the terrifying black dragon, he finally stood up. Without hesitation, he opened a mode with the biggest side effects of the magician! King Kong mode! Everything, only eight seconds! The winner is determined within eight seconds! A stern look flashed in Marvin’s eyes, ever since he turned on King Kong mode. He found that the attributes of his body were close to those of a powerful monk. Not only the Evolution game is the Spinmatic effect of King Kong’s indestructibility,



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