The World-Proud Baccarat Pill God Chapter 359 Betting 8 Strong Words

The process of awakening Danwen was long and difficult. 7777772 sports bettinge766f6474772e636f6d (fiction). Update so fast reads;. When Chen Xiang reaches this stage, he releases the double time formation, so that he won’t be closed for too long, because there might be something happening in the shop outside, he can’t practice alchemy for too long at once. “I’m the Scarlet Fire Dragon this time, so I shouldn’t be so embarrassed.” Chen Xiang thought to himself, the first time he awakened the Feisheng Pill Pattern, it was very dangerous and he lost half his life. “It’s time to inject the power of life.” Chen Xiang condensed nine regeneration mantra la liga scripts above his divine sea, which could make the sea water in his divine sea regenerate quickly. Sea water means his strong world-defying power, if it is consumed too quickly, he can quickly replenish it through spells. After Chen Xiang poured his world-defying power into a formation refined by Xiao Xianglin, he could condense a large amount of life power, and then inject the life power into the Transformation Realm Pill Mark. The large amount of life force he released poured smoothly into the Transformation Realm Danwen, but after a few hours, he felt that something was wrong with the Premier League. “The speed of absorbing the power of life is getting faster and faster!” Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the Transformation Realm Pill Pattern was a bottomless ‘hole’, devouring the power of life crazily. “Not good… What’s going on with roulette? This Transformation Realm Pill Pattern is very dishonest!” Chen Xiang felt that the blood energy in his body was draining, he didn’t start bleeding, nor did he have such thoughts. But the Huajing Danwen can directly devour the blood energy of his body across the sky. “Junior sister, come out and help me!” Chen Xiang hurriedly shouted,



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