Ao Shi Pill God Chapter Parimatch 3538 Li Yanxin

After He Fengyuan handed the Tao-creating magic medicine to Chen Xiang, she said with a smile: “We have already thought of the name inside, and it’s called Liqingyanxinhua.” Their fleshy names are obviously Mozzartbet Youhua Liqing. I remembered. “You can give her one of these flowers.” He Fengyuan said. “What if she asks how it came here.” Chen Xiang was worried that Hua Liqing would ask, because this is a secret, la liga that cannot be leaked out. “You say it’s a secret, just tell her not to spread it. If she understands pills, then she must know what it means.” He Fengyuan said: “If you want her to cooperate with you for a long time BGaming, real madrid mutual Trust is very important, you have to let her know your ability.” Champions League Chen Xiang nodded, and said: “It will definitely take a while for her to come, I will refine it first, and see if I can refine it to get rid of me. Satisfied Dan, come.” Chen Xiang released a time domain, only one time domain is enough for him, he felt that he should be able to refine it in a month. Chen Xiang quickly spent a month in the time domain, because the medicinal materials were processed very well, and were combined very well by sisters Meimei and the others, so he didn’t have to work hard at all when refining it, and he could spend it quickly. The stage of refining and chemical fusion. It’s just that the subsequent derivation method is a bit difficult. After baccarat came, it was easier for him to engrave the Dao creation mantra. He had refined so many world-defying gods before, and he was already very familiar with the engraving of the Tao creation mantra. Practice makes perfect. It will be done soon. Chen Xiang handed this pill to Long Xueyi and Peng Xuanfei, let them feel the aura released by this pill, and see if it can have any live betting appeal to them



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