World Proud Pill Forebet God Paripesa Chapter 3508 God Pill Contest

Chen Xiang felt that this round was not too difficult, but he was just worried that the Mushan faction would cheat on the Slot Games. After all, an outsider won, and the Mushan faction would give away a time array disk and a Dao-creating Saint Crystal. “Excuse me, how can I be sure that the pills will be refined by myself?” Chen Xiang asked: “If some people come out to sell the pills refined by their elders, wouldn’t they be sure to win? The people watching all around nodded their heads one after another. Most of them are foreigners. Although their people lost, there was Chen Xiang who was a foreigner with good strength. They all hoped that Chen Xiang could get the first place. , which will make them more comfortable. “What do you mean? Do you think that our Mushan Sect will cheat?” A Mushan Sect disciple angrily said to Chen Xiang. “When you were refining the black stone elixir, the two black stone fruits you gave later were of low quality… and the magical power of your Mushan school improved the quality of the medicinal materials… plus you suddenly let the wood mountain school’s The disciple joined, so in this last round, I don’t feel relieved at all.” Chen Xiang didn’t even look at the pair calling him a disciple of the Mushan Sect, which made the disciple very angry. Because it is a very honorable thing to be a disciple of the Mushan School, but Shen Xiang didn’t take a look at it. The alchemists who were eliminated from the competition just now couldn’t help scolding Nairabet in a low voice when they heard what Chen Xiang said in the evolution game. “Temporary processing of medicinal materials to improve the quality of medicinal materials is a test for alchemists in the man city. I think it’s nothing.” An old man said: “Since you are worried about this last hurdle, then what do you say? Okay?” “Naturally, it’s a blood oath, and the pill in the last level wasn’t made by Forbet during the competition.



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