Aoshidan Endorphina God Chapter 3 Spinmatic 463 Master’s Talent

c_t;Xiang’er Yelin’er saw Feng Ke’er, a cute and beautiful little girl, talking endlessly about the various profound structures of the barrier, she was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth from ear to ear. Read the full text of the latest chapter [to read the latest chapter of this book, please go to] visit:. Although they already knew that this was not an ordinary little girl, they were still shocked now. “Sister Xianglin, you have to join hands with me to ‘create’ a space formation. At that time, you need to control that space formation Mozzartbet method. You have the cultivation base of 1xBet’s world-defying gods, and you can transport stronger control Power.” Feng Ke’er said. The array in the Six Paths Mirror cannot be released directly after absorbing energy, but needs to be injected with Leap’s strong enough energy instantly to ‘activate’ the array pattern of the space array. “Okay!” Xiao Xianglin felt that this was a bit difficult, but the little girl in front of her felt nothing, of course she couldn’t back down. Chen Xiang took out his Six Paths Mirror, anyway, Xiao Xianglin was already his master, so it’s nothing to show his master his precious things. The structure of the Mirror of the Six Paths immediately attracted Xiao Xianglin, and Feng Keer took her into a place inside the Mirror of the Six Paths, where they were going to arrange a space formation. “Chen Xiang, give us the time domain!” Feng Ke’er said, “This kind of profound formation will take a lot of time.” The Mirror of Six Paths has already copied several teleportation formations, and now Feng Ke’er and Xiao Xianglin need to modify them Those teleportation formations were changed into space formations, so that the space formations could integrate Chen Xiang’s power of time, betting could absorb Xiao Xianglin’s power at the same time, and absorb the powerful energy that Xiao Xianglin burst out in an instant. (Advertisement) Chen Xiang vs. Xiao Xianglin



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