Betting Night Ranger Chapter 210 Black Dragon 【flashscore please subscribe! 】

Ruiwen’s appearance immediately disrupted Xiu’s rhythm! Originally, he was going to pretend to run away, and wait until Tess relaxed her vigilance before killing her carbine. Even if she is the chosen one of the Dark Dragon God and has a super resurrection ability, he is confident that he can kill her with 90% certainty! Who knew that a dark elf would suddenly appear. How did this dark elf get here? From the moment he launched a sneak attack to the moment he was about to escape, it can almost be described as lightning. This drow’s perception is so high? So timely? Xiu was very depressed, but before he could make a move, Tess’ counterattack came. Divine Imprisonment! Immediately, Xiu was firmly imprisoned in a pitch-black dungeon. He can’t even move a rumble! This is the power of the Dark Dragon God, and no mortal can match it at all. In desperation, he had to use the ultimate life-saving stunt! His body suddenly turned into powder, and flew out from the gap in the dark cage. Before Tess had time to cast the second divine spell, Xiu’s body had already completed the cohesion. He disappeared into this cave again. Only this time, he really disappeared! In the dark alley@∫, Xiu appeared beside the demon warlock Daisy Sportybet in some embarrassment. The latter’s face darkened: “Missed BetWinner?” Xiu’s face was worried, but he still had a gloomy face, and nodded: “Let’s go quickly!” “Wait, where’s Robin?” Daisy asked in surprise. Liverpool “I don’t know!” Xiu said rudely, “I said a long time ago that I don’t need to cooperate with others. That guy has never appeared from the beginning to the end.” “Chelsa means. You failed to assassinate, but Luo Master Bin did not reveal himself



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