Alchemy God Chapter 3448 live betting sword and beauty BGaming people

Tudou Novels provides a very classic and beautiful full-text hand-printed version for the majority of book lovers. No collection record… You haven’t registered for champions league, and now you have a Tudou account. Bookmark this book forcibly update Betway. Dark blue background color. Novel reading network. She has seen Chen Xiang’s character before, so now that she is like this, she can only sigh faintly. “Are you really not considering joining the Dragon Elephant Sect?” Xiao Xianglin said: “There is no need to hang yourself at the Chuang Dao Sect, our Dragon Elephant Sect is also very strong!” Ding Yuhai gave up inviting Chen Xiang just now, but now he regretted it a bit. Everyone can see that Chen Xiang is not bad, although his cultivation base is a little weaker, but if he improves in the future and cooperates with the magic weapon he has mastered, the future is still very good. “Okay, I’ll join!” Chen Xiang thought for a while, then nodded in agreement. He felt that even if he entered the Genesis Gate, he would definitely not be able to see Gutong in the Slot Games for a while. If he wanted to see a strong man like Gutong Roulette, he himself needed to have a certain strength, and the entry requirements of the Genesis Gate Seems very forebet strict. Ding Yuhai came to Chen Xiang’s side, patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder, and said: “Dragon Elephant Sect is indeed good and quite strong, but you should understand our Dao Creation Sect, and now you are near the Dao Creation Sect!” “Ding Yuhai , you can’t do this, just now you betting decided not to invite him, and now he agrees to come to our Dragon Elephant Gate, why did you jump out again?” Xiao Xianglin smiled and said, “Are you planning to confront me in this Premier League?” Ding Yuhai Hehe smiled: “BGaming, I didn’t tell Chen Xiang to come, I just asked him to think about it.



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