World-Proud Pill God la liga Chapter 34 Msports18 Mantra Crystal Explosion

Everyone now knows that the elixir sold in this shop is of inferior quality, and has already achieved the Spinmatic effect that Surebet247 Shen Xiang expected, so he Slot Games does not intend to continue to entangle with this Boss Zhao, it is a waste of time. “You can say whatever you like! Anyway, I questioned your pills from the very beginning as the worst quality. Insulting the alchemist! Even if there is some reason for it, it still cannot deny the fact that you are big liars.” Chen Xiang said. At the beginning, everyone saw the middle-aged shopkeeper patting his chest and guaranteeing that the quality of the elixir, Parimatch, was the best, but now he admits that the elixir is the worst quality, isn’t this slapping himself in the face? Hearing everyone discussing in low voices, Boss Zhao was even more angry. They really lost. “Come on, arrest him!” The angry Boss Zhao suddenly shouted. After Zhou Zhiqin and Zhou Zhiqi were shocked, they immediately stopped in front of Chen Xiang. “You dare?” Zhou Zhiqin shouted coldly. “Why don’t you dare? If Msports is the elders in your imperial palace, you will do the same. If you don’t get out of the way, don’t blame us for being rude.” Boss Zhao sneered: “You are the imperial daughters , but even you have been deceived for so many years, you can already prove the existence of this unspoken rule, and now someone breaks this flashscore rule, which is against the entire elixir world here.” The door of the shop has been closed Online The Casino is here, and the people in it are anxious, and there are more and more experts in the shop. “Don’t worry everyone, as long as you form a Liverpool blood contract, promise not to tell what happened today



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