Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3358B Gamingreal madrid The temptation to the other side

When Chen Xiang came to the Aoshihun River, Betway was by the river, but he couldn’t see the other bank. After he met Song Tianchuan and the others, he realized that the other side was terrifying, and every night, a large number of Aoshikuhun would come out of the river. Going out to look for food is the scariest thing for me. “I don’t know, that river is very weird, it’s hard to fly over, especially when it’s in the middle of the river…it’s full of darkness, and it’s also the place where a lot of world-defying mad souls are most active. If you’re not careful, you will be killed by countless Crazy soul rumble devours.” Nairabet Long Zhiyu frowned and said: “Chen Xiang, you’d better not mess around with livescore, that place is really scary.” Song Tianchuan and the others also repeatedly told Chen Xiang, now they know Shen Xiang Xiang is a very courageous guy. “After a while, I asked them to send some alchemists from Nine Heavens Dragon City. Li Tianjun and Li Baojun, these alchemists, are getting stronger and stronger. I hope their alchemy spirits can condense the Proud Soul Holy Pill by then.” Jiu Xiao said: “We have to let more dragon fighters come here to strengthen our strength.” The island is relatively small, but the lake is very big, and the island can be expanded. It’s a piece of cake. Song Tianchuan, Du Rouke, they were all soaked in dragon blood, Long Zhiyu also participated in it, she also wanted to try to see how it was transformed, she was in charge of betting between Du Rouke and Yu Yilan, and Long Xueyi was guiding her beside 22Bet . At night, Long Xueyi leaned against Chen Xiang’s arms, and sat with him on the roof, looking at the few strands of light in the dark sky. “That’s the higher-level sports betting Aoshihun River. It’s really mysterious, and I don’t know how to get there.” Long Xueyi blinked her eyes and watched. “You can fly, try it, can you fly



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