Aoshidan Slot Gamesman city God Chapter 3328 Damn it

Choice: Lei Yichen’s words made many people here feel dissatisfied with flashscore, because it has only been less than a month, and Lei Yichen actually forgot! You know, the entire inner sect of the Ancient Fire God Sect knew about his humiliation of Zhu Qingneng and his group. “You…you asked us to slap each other, you…you humiliated us mercilessly, you must have forgotten about it on purpose.” Zhu Qingneng stood up, his voice trembling with anger. “Oh, affiliate, I remembered.” Lei Yichen actually had a smile on his face: “I was refining the machine that day, and it was still at a critical moment. You said you had something important to do with me, and then Chen Xiang sent me I called out, and later you were just joking with me, I was in a bad mood, so I frightened you and asked you to slap each other Mozzartbet.” “But because I was caught by you, I came out of the critical moment of the refiner to see You, so I was a little angry in my heart, and I frightened a little too much in man city. I didn’t expect you to be so stupid that you slapped each other in the face, and it was more serious. You don’t have to slap each other, you are completely You can pat your ass and leave Slot Games, and I won’t kill you guys.” Zhu Qingneng and the others were speechless, at the beginning they were afraid of being killed by Lei Yichen, so they slapped each other in the face! Lei Yichen chuckled: “It turned out to be this matter, seeing how you guys made such a big battle…” “I just apologize, I’m sorry, everyone from the Crazy Saber Clan Surebet247 and the Soul River Msports Protoss Clan, it’s all my fault for being angry at the time, I’m here to betting to accompany you guys.” Zhu Qingneng’s heart raced suddenly, and he was stunned, because they were sure that Lei Yichen would turn against them, and they also planned to have a relationship with Parimatch



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