Dark Slot Games Night Ranger 2 Betting Chapter 107 Hera

Seeing Marvin tossing a few silver coins so chicly, the blonde beauty’s eyes lit up when she paused. Leap couldn’t help but roll her eyes slightly, as if thinking about something. The bartender at the side reminded him kindly: “Hey, friend, this woman is not as good as chelsa as you imagined.” The beauty immediately cursed: “Pour your wine.” Marvin smiled slightly. Soon, a glass of bubbly spirits was served. She looked very thirsty, and eagerly drank half of her glass of wine. “My name is Hera.” After drinking half a glass of spirits, Hera’s fair face turned slightly red. Her eyes became more and more blurred. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” “Call me Robin.” Marvin made up a random name. Anyway, now he appeared in front of everyone as a middle-aged man, and the camouflage effect of the magician was very powerful, comparable to the most professional disguise master. “Oh, the generous Mr. Robin.” Hera Paripesa smiled and said with narrowed eyes, “Don’t you think it’s a bit noisy here? I know a quiet place, just the two of us, where we can have a good chat.” Marvin Slightly frowned. He was a little uncertain about the origin of this Hera. He was naturally aware of the bartender’s reminder. At first, he thought it was an ordinary prostitute… If so, Marvin would not mind trying to extract information from Endorphina. But from Marvin’s observation, this woman doesn’t seem to have been engaged in pornographic services for a long time. And she looks kind of weird. Where exactly is the problem. Ma Parimatch Wen couldn’t speak for a while. In short, this Hera is definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface. casino Slot “I like



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