Proud Pragmatic play Shidan God Chapter 3298 1xBet Violent Breakthrough

Text c_t; Feng rumble Ke’er quickly printed Hei Dao Feng chelsa! With a muffled sound, the black knife just trembled and then shattered. If it hadn’t been sealed by the roulette, it would definitely explode as a BetWinner. Hot () “This guy’s method is really unexpected!” Chen Xiang finally saw the power of the mad knife clan, every part of the body can be turned into a knife, the black knife just now was the middle-aged flesh and blood, so it was broken After falling, you can see fresh blood flowing out. There were more than a dozen black knives flying around. The middle-aged man saw that Chen Xiang had resolved his trick just now, and suddenly felt that Chen Xiang was a bit difficult to deal with. He hurriedly took back those black knives. After the black knives returned, they turned into arms. , The arm he broke just now came back, but it was a lot thinner than before, real madrid exploded because he released a knife, but it didn’t reads;. “This guy is not that good at Endorphina except for being fast. I just need to guard against his weird knife.” Chen Xiang had already seen through the opponent’s tricks, and then took a breath. This time he was the first to attack, and teleported over directly. The Nine Heavens Excalibur was shaken, and the sun roared wildly, and the violent sword force made the middle-aged man stunned. As Chen Xiang’s sword power continued to increase, the middle-aged man’s astonished face was full of fear. He seemed to sense Chen Xiang’s world-defying mad soul, and he could be sure that it was definitely a very powerful world-defying mad war soul! “World-defying and crazy fighting spirit!” The middle-aged man of the crazy sword clan was facing a catastrophe, his arms suddenly turned into two huge ones, crossed in front of him. “Bastard, I think I’m easy to bully, so I’ll let you grandchildren see how powerful I am!” Chen Xiang roared angrily, slashed down with the long sword, and quickly



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