Aoshidan God of Msports Chapter 3253 Furious Sword Power

Lan Kunyuan held the Tianyuan Divine Sword tightly in his hand, it looked black, but after injecting the world-defying madness into the real madrid, the surface of the sword suddenly flashed, and the blue electric light burst out, like when dark clouds were densely covered. The scene of non-stop flashing electric lights. When it was even more frightening, the sword kept trembling, as if it was roaring crazily, and gusts of violent wind kept blowing out from it, making Chen Xiang almost retreat. It’s just that this sword is full of a compelling frenzy, it seems to have condensed an extremely powerful frenzied soul, which makes people feel frightened. When Chen Xiang came to this ancient world, it was finally the first time he met someone who could scare him from the bottom of his heart. Although he hadn’t started fighting yet, the opponent’s domineering fighting spirit had already made him feel fear. He gritted his teeth and tried his best to restrain the fear in his heart, otherwise he would lose without fighting the Pragmatic Play. If he had this fear at the beginning of the battle, it would be impossible for him to defeat the opponent. Seeing the fear on Chen Xiang’s expression, Lan Kunyuan just smiled faintly, he had suffered too much in this situation, baccarat now he was even more certain that Chen Xiang was not his opponent in the Premier League at all, and he had never met anyone like him in the Premier League. He is such a horrible person. “Very strong!” Feng Ke’er exclaimed: “Are you sure about Betway? These genius mad war gods are worthy of killing the Sun God Lord, they have real abilities.” “I’m sure, I will definitely defeat him.” Chen Xiang Taking a deep breath, he saw a purple light flash in the palm of his hand, and a purple long sword suddenly flashed out. The dazzling purple light is fascinating. While everyone stared at Ziyang Excalibur 1xBet in a daze, they were extremely shocked! They all know this betting purple sun god



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