Aoshi Danshen Chapter 320Sportybet8 The boss was arrested in the premier league

In the future, the reading record will be permanently preserved. Novel: Complete Book: The thousand years outside is too long for Chen Xiang, and he doesn’t want to wait so long. “What do you still want to use the fire array for?” The spirit of the altar asked: “Haven’t you both cultivated the sun madness?” “I have a friend who is a master of refining weapons, but his flames can’t keep up Come on.” Chen Xiang sighed: “So he might not be very smooth when the time comes.” “It’s just to make the casino slot melt the crystal emperor with flames, right?” Betting, the spirit of the altar, laughed: “It’s easy, I release it His flame is very strong, Mozzatbet can ask him to incinerate Myriad Dao God Earth Crystal and Crystal Emperor.” “Is this true?” NetEnt Chen Xiang was very surprised. “When the time comes, just let your friend come to me. My flames can be used by him.” The spirit of the altar said: “My sun madness is going to be much stronger than yours.” Chen Xiang finally solved the flames now. There is no need to worry about Chen Cai’s flames not being able to keep up, now he has to wait for Chen Cai to break through. Chen Champions League has only just cultivated in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and he has already eaten the magic pills that Chen Xiang gave him. These magic pills can help Chen Cai better go to the World-Proud Soul River to find a good crazy soul to fuse with. In just half a day, Chen Cai started shouting inside. “Chen Cai, let me out.” Chen Cai shouted loudly. After Chen Xiang released Chen Cai, he said with a smile: “It’s pretty fast, I thought you stayed in Liverpool for several days!” “Several days? Isn’t that hundreds of years? I, Chen Cai, am not This kind of waste material.” Chen Cai has now stepped into the realm of world-defying madness, and he is full of confidence: “My flame is very strong now, I can start right away!” Chen Xiang brought Chen Cai to the Endorphina sun



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