Ao Shi Dan God Surebet247 Chapter 3163Endorphina than speed

For popular mobile phone reading, please visit: m.wanshu Chen Xiang really didn’t expect that the shopkeeper would be so optimistic about him. This champions league made him secretly surprised. At most, he could only earn more madness stones for this shop. Crazy Origin Stone Slot Games should not be a big deal in this big store, and it is not worth the conflict between the Msports shopkeeper and his fellow clansmen. .access:.. “You…Okay, just wait for me, just go.” The ancient god clansman left as expected. “Shopkeeper, I have caused you trouble!” Chen Xiang said feeling a little embarrassed. “It’s okay, you go to rest first.” The shopkeeper waved to Chen Xiang, and then took these pills and left. Chen Xiang asked Feng Ke’er to eat ten mad power pills, he wanted to see what kind of effect Feng Ke’er, who had just started cultivating the world’s mad power, would have if he ate these mad power pills from Mozzartbet. Feng Ke’er’s poker refining speed is much faster than Chen Xiang’s, one can be refined in half an hour, Chen Xiang was very surprised by her speed. Chen Xiang rested for two days, and Feng Ke’er also refined those ten pills, which surprised him very much, it was completed so quickly. “How big is it!” Feng Ke’er gestured for the size of the World-Defying Kuangyuan Orb with his hand, it was as big as a walnut, which is not small. “It’s so fast! 1xBet” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Can you use your world-defying madness to release the seal now?” “Of course, the released seal is also powerful.” Feng Ke’er said with a smile: “If it is Online Casino, I will If the world-defying madness source pearl is bigger, then I will be even more powerful, I hope I can already step into the world-defying madness realm.” With Feng Ke’er around, it will be easier for Chen Xiang to refine alchemy, especially for those that are difficult to refine. Danshi NetEnt, Mr. Feng Keer



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