Dark Night Tour Betway Man Chapter 193 Legendary Wrath Endorphina Fire! 【Subscribe】

Marvin is dead! The lord is dead? Such thoughts linger in the hearts of ordinary territory residents, lingering. ◎, They didn’t know why they had such thoughts, but after the vision in the sky disappeared, the premonition in their hearts became stronger. Because no matter what, Marvin’s position also looks very dangerous. Moreover, he fell into the boundless darkness. It’s all very scary. The ignorant citizens gathered on the castle, praying for a reply from Lord Anna or Winnie. However, they did not wait. “How is it possible!” “How is it possible that other people can enter the World Tree.” The moment Marvin’s figure fell into the abyss, disbelief was written all over Daniela’s face. Especially when she saw who it was that pushed Marvin down! “It turned out to be that woman!” She hated sports betting and gritted her teeth. Before the two sides fought against each other, she vaguely had the meaning that Parimatch’s strength was suppressed. Rumble didn’t expect that Marvin’s secret operation would be seen through by her in the end! That is the tree of the world, if it falls, there will be no place for burial! In the end, no one can resist the gravity of the BGaming star world! Daniela was a little dazed. Did that man really die like this? “Impossible la liga!” Pooh shook his head firmly and said, “Brother will be fine, I can sense the flashscore!” Anna looked sad, and she didn’t know what to say when she saw Pooh’s determined expression. Marvin is the backbone of the entire White River Valley. If he died, then the White River Valley…she didn’t even know what would happen next. She had no idea what Marvin Online Casino was doing. so



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