Proud Dan God Chapter 3103 Dark poker area

Uncategorized Chen Xiang asked the Meimei sisters in Youyao Villa to release the power of regeneration to repair his damaged body. “This beast is so powerful that it easily broke through my body.” Chen Xiang’s world-defying divine body is Very powerful, even if he was slapped by the emperor before, it was only an internal injury, and his body did not suffer any damage on the outside. But the leopard just now pierced his body with ease, and even bit off a piece of flesh. Chen Xiang looked at the leopard inside the Tianchuang cauldron, and then released the world-defying divine fire! Originally, he thought he couldn’t release it, but he didn’t expect that the Aoshi Shenhuo would not be affected in the Tianchuang cauldron. “It turns out that there is a mysterious power floating in the live betting in this no-way place, as long as the power of myriad ways comes into contact with this mysterious power, it will be dissipated immediately.” Chen Xiang used Dao Xinyan took a look, but didn’t see anything. “Could it be that the mysterious power here can make a person’s body stronger.” Chen Xiang felt that if he didn’t have the Nine Heavens Sword, it would be very difficult to kill the leopard in the Evolution game. “It’s really hard to burn.” Chen Xiang didn’t continue to try, he didn’t know how long it would take, and there were dangers all around here. The Mirror of Six Paths continued to sink, and there was obviously a stronger poker thing below. If there was light below, maybe he could meet humans. A few days later, he had come to the bottom, and he walked down the mirror of six paths, feeling down-to-earth. “There’s no light here!” Chen Xiang looked around, but it was still pitch black. He told the psychic about it. “The area you are in is not a light area, it should belong to the dark area of ​​roulette



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