Betway Alchemy God Chapter 3073 Get rid of all ways

After Chen Xiang snatched these things, he immediately attracted Zi Yi Nu’s attention. () “It was discovered, goodbye!” Chen Xiang hurriedly used the power of time and space to teleport away. “I really didn’t expect that there is such a thing as Myriad Dao Divine Soil in here. If the He family knew that such a precious thing was robbed, wouldn’t they be very angry?” Chen Xiang put this piece of Myriad Dao Divine Soil Send it to Feng Ke’er. After Feng Ke’er’s appraisal, he was sure that this was the Myriad Dao Divine Soil, and it was very good to have so many. “Indeed! How could there be Myriad Dao Divine Land in such a ghostly place?” Feng Ke, BetWinner, also found it incredible, she said with a smile: “The He family must be pissed off.” “No, purple slave I’m chasing you!” Chen Xiang sensed a trace of aura coming, and immediately recognized that it was the aura of the purple-clothed slave. Zi Yi Nu’s speed was very fast, and he was the only one who came over by himself, and he still used the power of space. “I don’t know how he found this place!” Chen Xiang used the power of time and space to teleport just now, without leaving any breath or space fluctuations, so he shouldn’t be traced here. However, Zi Yi Nu still came, and he came very fast! “This guy controls the power of space very well, it seems that he can only try the forebet trick.” Chen Xiang closed his eyes and released a very strong space-time domain. The purple-clothed slave rushing towards him quickly entered Nairabet’s space-time domain. After entering, the purple-clothed slave who was originally flying in the air suddenly fell down. “As expected!” Chen Xiang chuckled. This is the same as his previous guess, the Purple Clothes Slave is controlled by someone, and after entering his space-time domain, the controlled



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