Aoshi Danshen Chapter 301Parimatch3Bet9ja ten thousand punishments

If someone else said it, Lu Qilian and the others would definitely not believe it, unless there is any evidence! But if Chen Xiang said, they would definitely believe that if there was no Chen Xiang back then, the Taoist world would not be like this today. After the confession, Chen Xiang felt more at ease, and asked Baihua Village to come out every once in a while, so that he could be contacted. At this time, he and Sun Lingxing have entered the Land of Ten Thousand Deaths! Stepping into the Land of Ten Thousand Deaths, a burst of dead air rushed towards his face, Chen Xiang immediately sensed that several evil ancestor demon guards live betting were rushing over. “These guys are getting sharper and sharper!” Chen Xiang let Sun Lingxing enter Youyao Villa, and then teleported chelsa to an underground secret room. Aoshi Longzu’s split soul man city is still here, he saw Chen Xiang coming, and he became very strong, he was overjoyed! “Longzu, how is the situation now?” Chen Xiang asked hastily. “Not very good. I don’t know why Aoshixiezu is getting stronger and stronger. Daozu and I fought him before, and we almost couldn’t beat him.” Aoshilongzu said: “What about you? How is the progress?” “Aoshilong The devil was killed by me, and a group of his younger brothers were all killed by me, how can I enter the seal of Endorphina?” Chen Xiang said: “Betking or let you come out by lifting the seal?” “What are you now? Cultivation level?” At this moment, Aoshi Longzu has only one soul, and he cannot see the exact strength of Chen Xiang, but he is sure that Chen Xiang must be in the Aoshi realm now. “The world-defying realm has just completed the profound level, I just cultivated the world-defying profound body and the world-defying soul!” Chen Xiang said, according to his cultivation base, he is indeed at this level, but his strength is not. because of his pride



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