Night Ranger Chapter 178 Lies and Mutations Paripesa Parimatch [Third update! 】

Adhere to fewer advertisements, no pop-up windows, insist on stable updates, insist on answering questions from users, and hope that book friends can help promote more. At the intersection of Sanchalu, the situation is very delicate. Both the Deceiver and the Assassin Hawley cease fire. The former stared at the colorful stone, and the latter stared at Marvin. As for Marvin, standing alone in front of the two of them, he had to guard against the assassin’s assassination and at the same time protect the Muse and the little white deer. He cannot let the fraudster succeed. You must know that although Di Gaogeng may want to take revenge on River Beach City, the White River Valley Premier League is quite close to River Beach City. Once the door of disaster is opened, an unknown number of innocent creatures will be involved, and the White River Valley will definitely suffer from the disaster. Not to mention, in Roulette’s deal with Madeline and himself, Msports River Beach City is already a part of Betking Marvin’s forces and has a livescore. He must do something to stop this live betting from happening. The key is to procrastinate. Thinking of this, Marvin suddenly asked, “Do you have a larger space here?” He was asking Muse. The girl froze for a moment, and pointed to another passage at the three-way intersection: “It’s over there, not far away.” Before the fraudster and assassin Holly could react, Marvin shouted: “Go!” Muse resolutely rode on A white deer and another small white deer also rushed over on their own initiative. Ma Wen turned around and rode on, and left in the dust. The legs and feet of the little white deer are extremely fast, and Parimatch is galloping like lightning in the dark cave! Deceiver and Holly are of course hot pursuit, and the speed of the two of them is also very frightening, one is using spells, and the other is born with amazing agility. The gap between the two sides has not been narrowed. quickly. The Muse Slot Games big man city ahead shouted: “



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