Aoshi Pill God Chapter 2998 Aoshi Dried Baccarat Yuan Paripesa Fruit

Afterwards, the reading record will be permanently preserved. Novel: Complete Edition: After the white light from the stele enveloped Chen Xiang and the three of them, it also produced a strong Endorphina power fluctuation. “Stop them!” After Fang Tianlei shouted, the white light of the stone tablet suddenly disappeared, and Chen Xiang and the others also disappeared. This made Fang Tianlei jealous and angry. He attacked the stele with a frenzy and fierceness, but all the power from his attack was absorbed by the stele. “Why… Online Casino why can they make this stele respond!” Fang Tianlei looked at the stele carefully at this time, but found nothing. The stele had changed back to the way it was before, full of spots. Not only Fang Tianlei from the champions league, dozens of people here are very puzzled by this, because they have been investigating the stele for many, many years, and they have never seen such a reaction from the stele. Some people even stayed in this evolution game for tens of thousands of years, just to wait for the stone tablet to move, but in the end they all failed. Now it’s just Chen Xiang and Sun Lingxing, two Leap outsiders who come here, can make the stone tablet have such a strong reaction, and also make them disappear here, which makes Fang Tianlei and others who are in the world feel crazy. At this time, they were all gathered here, constantly bombarding the stele! They thought that even if they couldn’t enter the stele, they still had to destroy the baccarat stele! They were very worried that Chen Xiang and the others would become stronger inside, and then come out to take revenge on them. “We must find a way to destroy the stele.” Fang Tianlei punched the stele fiercely. Although his strength was very powerful, it was quickly absorbed by the stele, which made him extremely resentful. After Chen Xiang and the three of them entered the stone tablet, they came to a white space



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