Leap World Proud Pill God Chapter Paripesa 2983 Mysterious Tianmen

Popularity, this is the Nairabet that Chen Xiang never imagined, the Dragon Demon actually knew about the peerless evil power hidden in the forest! “How did the dragon demon know?” Chen Xiang killed a few more dragon demons, but he didn’t find anything from the memory of these dragon demons. These dragon demons just got an order to come here to find a powerful force. The source of evil power, as long as it senses a little breath, it must go back and report it immediately. Chen Xiang hasn’t gained anything in the past few days. If it was before, he might not be so worried, but now the dragon demon also knows the existence of peerless evil power. If it is obtained by their affiliates, the consequences will be disastrous.” He returned to the underground palace Later, I told Tang Zhongjie about this. “Forebet may be the peerless evil power awakened by Lingxing girl at that time, and Ao Shi Long Mo is very sensitive to this power, so he sensed it immediately. The patriarch learned from his mouth that there is a peerless evil power hidden in it. Tang Zhongjie said: “We must deal with that peerless evil power before they find it. If they get it, there will be endless troubles.” “But I don’t know how to find the peerless evil power. I don’t have a clue at all. I don’t know where BGaming knows rumble to start looking for.” “Chen Xiang said, he also wanted to find it quickly, but he had already flown all over the sky of the world-defying forest without any clues.” Have you been to the mausoleum of the world-defying tomb in the center? “Tang Zhongjie asked. “I’ve been there, but I didn’t find anything. The Betking Dragon Demon is also looking around there. If they found something, they must have taken action.” “Chen Xiang is now using the Sky Devouring Mouse to stare at the door of the World Proud Tomb, but the Dragon Demon didn’t notice it there.



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