Aoshi Danshen Chapter 28 Heavenly Refining God Cauldron

“” Volume Two “” Volume Two Recommended Betway Reading: ,,,,,,,,,, Chen Xiang couldn’t believe it, this thing that had no content at all, turned out to be the legendary Myriad Dao Divine Art! “Is this true? Why is there nothing in it?” Chen Xiang hurriedly said: “Master Sportybet, you know how to use it, right? Hurry up and tell me the bet game!” Ten thousand years have passed, Chen Xiang He doesn’t know what’s going on in Tiandao World, he is very impatient and wants to go back and have a look, but he doesn’t have enough strength. . The update is so fast. “Open this book and put it on the ground, I’ll give it a try.” The master of the Flying Dragon Palace seemed to be very familiar with Wan Dao’s magical skills. Chen Xiang nodded, and quickly followed what he said. “You wait patiently.” The master of the Flying Dragon Palace also didn’t know what to do, and lay on top of the ‘jade’ book. While Chen Xiang was waiting, he entered Six Paths of Time and Space to check Xue Xianxian’s Wheel of Fortune. After reading it, he found that Xue Xianxian’s Wheel of Fortune was in good condition, and he could still feel joy and happiness from it, which made him feel relieved a lot , and then he has one by one to see the wheel of fortune of other women who have been friends and relatives. As long as the wheel of fortune is still there, it’s no big deal. Lin Jitian and the big elders were also there, which meant that they were alive, and the Wheel of Fortune who was the head teacher of the four great gods could not be found, and was indeed dead. Chen Xiang suddenly felt a very strong heavenly alchemy divine power outside the Six Paths of Time and Space, and he immediately left the Six Paths of Time and Space, only to see that the ‘Jade’ book that was placed on the ground and opened the Evolution game was releasing a burst of golden light, golden light’ Shoot ‘on the stone wall of Tianlian. Chen Xiang looked at Tianlian who was ‘shone’ by the golden light



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