Betting Alchemy God Chapter 2867 Six missing forebet one

Support the left and right keys of the keyboard (→) to turn pages up and down, and the middle mouse button to scroll the screen to select the font size: select the background color: Chen Xiang returned to Tianlian Shenzong Msports, and went to inquire about Zhao’s reaction. .Visit: щщщ. Although the Zhao family lost Zhao Kunyun, the Zhao family still has many talents, especially since Chen Xiang was not around for ten years, their Zhao family’s business has improved a lot. The dragon demons outside the roulette are still raging on the thousand floors of the Flying Dragon Tower, and the abyss in the middle of the Parimatch dragon demon death ground is very strange, and dragon demons are constantly gushing out. Before, many people thought that those dragon demons were created by the Dragon Demon Emperor, but now the Dragon Demon Emperor has been trapped in the Wandao Mausoleum and cannot get out. There are quite a few powerful dragon demon affiliates in the late stage of Taizun Realm. These Slot Games dragon demons evolve very fast. After seizing the human body, they have Evolution game human minds and become very smart and cunning. They control many weak dragon demons that have just been born from the death of dragon demons. From time to time, they will launch these Dragon demons attack humans. Among them, when the members of the Four Great Divine Sects go out, they are often followed by the dragon demons, and Betting doesn’t know why those dragon demons know the whereabouts of the disciples of the Four Great Divine Sects. Especially when the champions league has a large number of disciples going out in teams, they will always be besieged by a large number of dragon demons! It is not difficult to deal with weak dragon demons, but what is difficult is that dragon demons can release dragon demon poison, so in the past ten years, the sales of Zhao family’s dragon demon pills have been very hot, and the price has also risen to 200 million dao crystals. . Now that Chen Xiang is back, the Zhao family’s Dragon Demon Pill cannot be sold anymore, and Chen Xiang’s Youyao Villa also has a large amount of golden dragon magic grass. He sold these golden dragon magic grass to other forces of Tianlian Shenzong.



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