Dark Sportybet Night Ranger Chapter 163 The Picture Scroll of Grandfather Msports

In the study room, Marvin and Daniela sat opposite each other. ≤≤, “Why, Master Constantine asked for a vacation? You are worried, so you want to take the initiative to accompany me? 22Bet” Daniela sneered mercilessly when she saw Marvin. In the past few days, she has indeed been annoyed by Constantine Betting. She came to the White River Valley with a mission. Apart from confirming Marvin’s blood, the most important thing for betting was to bring back that treasure. He once swore in front of his father that if he didn’t bring that treasure back, he would never return to the Northland. This is a rather heavy oath. Marvin also knew a thing or two about this. In his previous life, the White River Valley was not well-known, but since the Ice Queen successfully dominated a large area of ​​the Northland, it meant that she should have succeeded in the end. It’s a pity that BetWinner in White River Valley is not what it used to be 1xBet. I’m afraid no one would believe that the White River Valley, which was occupied by a group of gnolls a few months ago, now has more than three legends sitting in it! This is not counting the owner of the Tower of Ashes who is allied with the White River Valley. An elf prince, a demon hunter—and a tyrannical character who can play ogre wizards as pets… Daniela felt that her world view was about to be subverted. Where did so many legends come from? Under normal circumstances, many normal people will never meet a master of this level in their lifetime. However, Marvin was able to gather such a group of forces. This guy, she is becoming more and more incomprehensible. So she was a little surprised that Marvin came to Mozzartbet to find her today. After all, although the war is over, a lot of mess is still waiting



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