Ao Shi Pill God Surebet247 Chapter 2Evolution game837 To pit you to death

In the future, the reading record will be kept permanently. Novel: Complete version: “Do you want it?” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I’m going to Man City.” “Yes, is it true Shenxuan Liushen Pill?” . “Of course it’s true! You are also a disciple of the Heavenly Alchemy Sect. Even if you don’t know flashscore to make alchemy, you can always recognize alchemy, right?” Chen Xiang took out a Shenxuan Liushen pill. “It should be true. The qi of livescore can make my Sanxuan Shenguan sense very clearly.” The middle-aged man hurriedly took out 100 million Dao Crystals and bought this Shenxuan Liushenguan. He took Spinmatic on the spot, and after feeling the powerful medicinal power, he immediately ran to find a place to refine it. Chen Xiang just walked and sold more than a hundred pills in no time. The news spread like an explosion. Many people who came to Tianlian Shenzong rushed to the street where Chen Xiang was to buy the Shenxuan Six God Pills. . They had prepared a lot of Dao crystals, and they were ready to be slaughtered, but they didn’t expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly sell the Shenxuan Six Divine Pills at a price of 100 million. When I first heard the news, everyone didn’t believe it at first, because it was simply impossible. But later, more and more people bought Shenxuan Liushen Pill, they had no choice but to believe it, and they all went to Chen Xiang to buy it. Chen Xiang only walked half a circle around the streets of Tianlian Shenzong, and he sold more than three hundred Endorphina pills for the Premier League. When Zhao Kunyun heard the news, his face immediately turned green with anger, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He also suppressed his anger, and rode a Paripesa on a white lion and rushed to the place where Shen Xiang was. From a distance, he saw that Chen Xiang was surrounded by many people, those rumbling people were all waiting to make a deal with Chen Xiang. “Take your time, I have some here,



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