Alchemy God Chapter 2807 Champions League White Jade Centipede Betting Poison

If Yu Jingming gets rid of the poison in his body, he will never need this white ‘Parimatch jade’ centipede to help him suppress the poison in his body, let alone Endorphina being at the mercy of his wicked Spinmatic brother, man city him He will be free in the future, and he is very excited just thinking about it. .Visit: щщщ. “If you can successfully detoxify my poison, I promise you, I will definitely do my best to help you kill Yu Jinggong.” Yu Jingming also had enough of his younger brother, even if Chen Xiang didn’t say anything, once his poison was detoxified, He also wants Msports to kill Yu Jinggong. “Okay! But we want to ‘make’ a ‘spiritual’ blood contract, I am a little worried about you as a baccarat, you almost ruined me.” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “I will still need you in the future Do something for me, of course… I will give you some benefits.” “Yes, but you can’t coerce me as despicably as Yu Jinggong.” Yu Jingming said. Chen Xiang nodded, and then signed a contract with Yu Jingming. “Can you ‘force’ out the poison in his affiliate’s body? Just ‘force’ out a little bit!” Chen Xiang said. “No, I can’t ‘force’ it out at all. The poison is fused with my soul and cannot be separated from my body. When the poison reaches a certain level, I will be in great pain. Only the white ‘jade’ centipede can absorb it. BGaming will feel a lot better if I take away some of the poison.” Yu Jingming said this, his face was full of pain. “How did you get this kind of poison?” Chen Xiang asked, this was a difficult kind of poison he encountered. “It was infected in the Mausoleum of Wan Dao. Fortunately, at that time, Yu Jinggong took out the white ‘jade’ centipede he had just caught, and helped me suppress the poison.



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