Aoshidan Poker God Bet Game Chapter 2747 Shock God

In the future, the reading record will be permanently preserved. Novel: Movie: Chen Xiang retreated for more than ten days, without any progress, he had to ask Wuxuan Leap to buy a dragon beast worth 100 million Dao Crystals in the casino slot. He wants to try to use the Dragon Path NetEnt Law Bead, to see if he can comprehend the Three Mysteries God Pass after eating it. Wu Xuan didn’t know why Chen Xiang wanted so many corpses of dragon beasts, he didn’t ask, Chen Xiang Slot Games gave him Dao Crystal, and he helped to buy it. Chen Xiang still has more than three billion Dao crystals, which is very much in the eyes of many people, but Chen Xiang thinks it is very little, because he wants to cultivate the Dao veins of Heavenly Alchemy! He asked Wu Xuan, there is actually a Heavenly Alchemy Dao vein here, when he was in Myriad Dao City, the Heavenly Alchemy Law was activated by the Heavenly Dao Sect! But it existed here from the very beginning, which made Chen Xiang feel that the law of Tianlian also flashscore is very ancient! Paripesa is just that the Heavenly Alchemy Law Orb is very expensive. In Wu Xuan’s eyes, it is a transcendent power of law. He doesn’t even know what the Heavenly Alchemy Law is for. The Law of Tianlian is a rarer law. Wu Slot Games Xuan does not know if he has practiced it. Although many sects know that there are such laws, they have never used Dao Crystal when the Myriad Dao Divine Tablet appeared. It was condensed, because it would cost more than four billion yuan to condense one Heavenly Alchemy Law Bead. Wu Xuan has heard that if online casinos buy it, at least five billion Dao crystals are needed! Under normal circumstances, Mozzartbet needs 100 Law Beads to cultivate the Law Dao Meridian, but if you buy 100 Endorphina Heaven Refining Law Beads, you need 500 billion Dao Crystals! So although Chen Xiang has three billion now, he feels that it is far from enough, even though he only needs twenty law beads! “I can only watch the Flying Dragon Club!” Shen said.



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