Night Ranger Parimatch Chapter 150 Saints, Kings, Strong Msports [Second update! 】

Adhere to fewer advertisements, no pop-up windows, insist on stable updates, insist on answering user feedback questions, and hope that book friends can help promote more. It is a monster with a human face and an animal body. It lay quietly on the ground, its two eyes were as big as Marvin’s fist. Beside the monster, there is a worn-out iron sword. Three roads, chelsa betting slowly spread behind it. Every road seems to lead in a different direction. Marvin took a deep breath. The road of thorns came here, which is basically the final stage. Pain and fear are over. The next step is to choose the forebet. “Hi Marvin.” The monster spoke, but its voice was very cold. 22Bet makes people feel cold when they hear it. Marvin didn’t know the name of this monster, but he knew that it was ordered to guard this place. It is impossible to pass the last section of the Thorn Road without his permission. So he also walked over and came to the monster: “Hello, sir.” “Sir? I like this name.” The monster scratched its back with its dragon-like claws, where two pairs of firm casino Slot Tough wings folded. It seems that BetWinner is a very strong rumble guy. “As a night walker, since you have come here, it proves that you have the endurance to fight pain and the willpower to fight fear.” “But it is not that simple to inherit the legacy of the night king.” ” We all know that if you want to get something, you have to give up something.” “Tell me your choice.” The monster’s cold tone continued. It speaks every word. Marvin was cold all over, but he was still slowly approaching. He walked slowly, with a steady pace. “



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