Alchemy God Betking26Champions LeagueChapter53 Good and Evil Situation

Popular recommendation: Right now, Chen Xiang doesn’t know that it’s not safe to play the Premier League here, so he doesn’t dare to let Ji Yuelan come out. Lin Xirong’s strength is quite strong, so I’m not afraid of it. BetWinner “Let’s talk about it when we return to Nine Dragons City!” Chen Xiang said, “I don’t know what happened now.” Xueying put on her clothes and nodded: “I really want to go back soon, now I am Baihua The ones in the village are stronger!” “Hey, Xueyi, this little dragon must be very upset!” Chen Xiang laughed. “Yes, so she has been in retreat all these years, so it’s hard to get her!” Xueying chuckled. Long Xueyi is the lazy kind, it’s rare for her to practice in seclusion, which shows how much she doesn’t want to lag behind Xueying. After teleporting for half a day, Chen Xiang finally returned to Nine Dragons City. Nine Dragons City has changed a lot, and a large circle of city walls has been added outside, so now Chelsa Nine Dragons City has two walls and an inner circle and outer ring. And Baihua Village is in an area of ​​the outer circle, and the defense there is also very strong, Chen Xiang can feel the terrifying Betting of those enchantments just in the sky. Leap “Xueyi, you take Yue Lan and Xi Rong to Baihua Village first, and I will go to Senior Jiu Xiao first.” Chen Xiang said, there are many little dragons in his Youyao Villa, and they are all to be raised by the Dragon Clan. “Okay!” Roulette Xueying nodded. Ji Yuelan Baccarat and Lin Xirong came to this new world from Youyao Villa, and looked around curiously, especially seeing those majestic and tall city walls, which shocked them very much. When they were in Youyao Mountain Villa Betway, Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing told them a lot of things here, which also allowed them to quickly integrate into this world. “Yue Lan, in Baihua Village



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