World-Proud Pill God Chapter 26 LivescoreLeap 37 Promise of the Force

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang lay silently in the cage, cursing Ling Yuanguan secretly in his heart. He swore that once he had the strength, he would use that kind of stick to hit Ling Yuanguan fiercely. A hundred times, a thousand times! Ling Yuanguan left, Chen Xiang took a breath, at this time he already had four pills of the Emperor Savage Beast, and when he won the battle just now, Ling Yuanguan gave him another sports betting. , ybdu, “It would be too wasteful to eat this kind of beast pill directly!” Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and condensed a real body in a hidden place in the Divine Sea. “I want to refine alchemy in Shenhai, and I still use the collision method to refine it!” Chen Xiang called out the Six Paths Mirror, which can guarantee that if it loses control, the power will not affect Shenhai. In his divine sea, there are still those little dragons, if his divine sea collapses, it will affect them! Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin didn’t know about the outside world, and Chen Xiang had sealed off the connection between Youyao Villa and the outside world, so they couldn’t directly see Msports. Chen Xiang did Mozzartbet betting so that they wouldn’t be so worried! In the sea of ​​gods, he can teleport at will. He grabs live betting medicinal materials to refine the Dao God Emperor Yuandan, and he wants to refine the four beast pills of the emperor beast into pills. This will be a more advanced Dao God Emperor Overlord Pill! He took out the Creation Furnace and immediately began to refine it. In order to quickly obtain the Betting power for Spinmatic, he was very precious about time. The medicinal materials and the Emperor Beast Pill were put into the Creation Stove. The power of the Emperor Beast Pill was very strong, but Chen Xiang could still control it. Now he has stepped into the Dao Sect Realm, and his physical body is stronger than before, able to withstand the original BetWinner Dao power from the fivefold Xuanmen. The alchemy furnace made a muffled sound,



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