World Proud Pill God Forebet Chapter Parimatch 2622 Dao God Emperor Domineering Pill

Those watching from a distance thought that Chen Xiang’s heart had been crushed, and Ji Yuelan had already roared, she wanted to go over, but was stopped by Ji Yun’s descendants! “You…what the hell is this…” Ji Yun was stunned for a moment, and immediately punched Chen Xiang’s head, but it still hit nothing. Chen Xiang was like a cloud at this time. Although he was scattered, he quickly Will combine again. “Don’t think that I don’t know that you are using poison!” Chen Xiang sneered, secretly releasing the power of the flames in the Flame Profound Gate, turning into fire vines, which burst out from the ground and entangled Ji Yun. “Go to hell!” BetWinner Chen Xiang jumped up with exhaustion, the moment the original power passed through a profound gate, Nairabet made his whole body more painful, but it also allowed him to gain even more powerful strength. The primordial power that passes through the Xuanmen is rarely terrifying, when it surges out from Chen Xiang’s divine sea, the earth trembles! Chen Xiang’s fist hit Ji Yun’s chest, and the primitive force exploded under the control of Forbet Chen Xiang, blowing Ji Yun’s upper body to pieces! “Father Betking!” shouted a soldier in the distance, rushed towards Chen Xiang, but was stopped by several soldiers. Ji Yun’s descendants were stopped by many soldiers, at this time Ji Yuelan also rushed towards Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was seriously injured, after he defeated Ji Yun, he could barely stand still. Ji Yuelan went over and hugged Chen Xiang, very excited. “You win, Ji Yun and his family will leave the Ji clan.” “Okay!” Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, then closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. When Chen Xiang woke up, he found that the stone room Betting he was in was luxuriously decorated, with many golden real madrid ornaments, and glowing stones, and his body was also covered with medicinal herbs. “It’s a good thing it’s just a physical injury,



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