Night Ranger Chapter 100 NetEnt 3 Liverpool Chapter 18 Rebellion [First update]

The text is Bet9jaParimatch smelly and gloomy at the bottom of the forebet’s bilge, a girl in a cotton skirt stands by a table made up of a few small wooden boards, carefully explaining some details. Her expression was serious and her words were contagious. Gradually, some hope appeared in the eyes of those around her. Two tall guards stood behind her, their hands resting on the hilt of their swords, and their eyes cautiously scanned the surroundings. If anyone dared to disrespect Miss Laura, they would kill him at any time. In fact, only about three-quarters of the bilge were slaves, and the remaining quarter were sailors on board the ship! They are plotting a big event, Betking, a plot on how to overthrow Captain George. And Miss Laura is the key to everything. Little Tuke stood aside blankly. Since he was caught on the slave ship, he actually had many ways to escape. After all, as a halfling thief, his flexibility is far beyond human imagination, and his stealth ability is also very powerful. If he wanted to leave, he could have slipped away long ago. But this time, he didn’t leave. The last time he said he wanted to protect Laura, he left her alone and slipped away, which made him feel very humiliated. The young halfling began to understand something. Even thieves, sometimes, have to stand upright and protect their friends. So he simply followed Laura and was caught on the baccarat and put on the slave ship, and then secretly protected her. Those shackles for common Slot Games slaves. In the eyes of the little halfling, it was too ridiculous. Old Took has taught him how to deal with these stupid things invented by humans–the premier league, after all, the old halfling was also a habitual thief when he was young



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