Proud Betway Alchemy God Chapter 2553 Devour poker mantra

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou were astonished to see that Xia Bailing not only rode that big centipede for fun, but also jumped up and down on several big furry spiders, and even put a big poisonous big spider The bird rode like a horse, laughing and laughing while playing, having a great time. Xia Bailing also knew that this side had to be kept quiet, so he created a space barrier to prevent her voice from coming over, Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou looked at each other, and Endorphina smiled helplessly. “Chen Xiang, I need your help!” Xu Youqing suddenly opened her eyes and said with a solemn expression. “Okay, how can I help?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. “Is your dementor spell able to absorb the soul, or is it the power hidden in the soul?” Xu Youqing asked. “Yes, you need me to use the soul-stirring livescore spell?” Shen asked BGaming. “Well, and it may take a long time to use, I have now dispersed the power of the heavenly spell imprisoned in Miss Xiaoling’s soul, and separated it from Miss Xiaoling’s soul, but that power is too powerful. It’s too huge, it fills up the entire sea of ​​spirits of Sister Xiaoling.” “If you don’t take it away, Sister Xiaoling’s sea of ​​spirits will be very bad, and she is powerless to resist this force, she must use external force. “Chen Xiang looked at Bai Youyou, then bet the game and asked: “Sister Youyou also understands the Dementor Pragmatic play spell, can the two of us play Sportybet together?” Take that spell power away.” Xu Youqing said: “You just need to sense Miss Xiaoling’s divine sea, I have already agreed with her to let your power enter her divine sea.” Bai Youyou said to her. Chen Xiang nodded at poker:



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