Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2497Bet9ja forebet father and son reunion

This incident not only made King Qi angry, even other princes and nobles were also very worried about it, because they didn’t expect that there was such a person under Shen Tianhu’s subordinates, who obviously came here to avenge Chelsea. Chen Xiang has been waiting in the city, he didn’t make him wait too long, he waited for Shen Tianhu’s sports betting summons! Chen Tianhu found the secret in the city and found a jade talisman, so he could use this jade talisman to send a message to Chen Xiang and get in touch with Chen Xiang. “Xiang’er, is that you flashscore?” Chen Xiang heard a familiar voice from the jade talisman, but it was a little low. “Father, it’s me!” Chen Xiang said excitedly. “Good Endorphina! Good… where are you? I’ll go find you right away!” Shen Tianhu was also very excited at this time, he never expected to meet his son again, it had been many years. “Father, I’m looking for you, where are you now?” Chen Xiang asked, he was worried that Chen Tianhu would not be discovered because of his lack of skill in concealment. Chen Tianhu told Chen Xiang his location, and Chen Xiang quickly teleported there, and then changed back to his own appearance. When he saw Chen Tianhu, Chen Xiang’s eyes were already moist and he rushed over to embrace Chen Tianhu. Chen Tianhu already looked like a middle-aged man, his hair was a little white, and he looked much older. What surprised Chen Xiang was that Chen Tianhu was at the tenth level of the Dao Soul Realm. He was also very curious why Chen Tianhu was in the This premier league can break through so quickly and has such a cultivation level of Spinmatic. “Let’s talk about it in another place.” Chen Tianhu said, and then put on the bamboo hat, Chen Xiang took him to teleport away from the city, and came to a mountain forest far away from the city. “Father, what happened? Our Shen family…is it still there?”



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