Audacious La Liga Pill God Chapter 2 Casino Slot408 Demon Forest

Back at the house, Chen Xiang calmed down the anger in his heart, and prepared to start refining the Qi Yuan Pill. He rumbled a lot of purple beads from Baihua Village, and together with the Six Paths God Cup, he could copy the medicinal materials even faster. () “Hong Qing, does the Fang family have any major enemies?” Chen Xiang asked: “How is the strength of his online casino’s enemies?” Not only is the enemy of the Fang family, but the relationship with the Huo Zunmen is also very bad, and they almost got into a fight a few times.” Chu Hongqing said: “Do you want to cooperate with this force?” “I have such an idea, only Only in this way can the Fang family and the Huo Zunmen vomit blood even more.” Chen Xiang’s current live betting strength is still very weak, it is more difficult to face the Huo Zunmen and the Fang family alone, if he can unite with the opponents of the Fang family and Huo Zunmen, then It will be much easier. “That may be difficult, not everyone can cooperate with them! And they don’t plan to cooperate with anyone.” La liga Chu Hong said: Parimatch “Because they are not human, they are monsters…they are all managed by Nairabet Beasts, plants, stones, etc. cultivate adults.” “In this area, are they considered a relatively powerful force?” Chen Xiang asked. “Of course, many forces BGaming only have transactions with them, but they can’t have a good relationship, and Huo Zunmen is different from Fang’s family. I heard that they once captured their little demon.” Chu Hongqing said: “But You can try it, after all you have many means.” “Wait for me to refine more Qi Yuan Pills first, at least I can severely hit the Fang family on this.” Chen Xiang said. He used Dawan alchemy to refine one hundred Qiyuan pills every day, and in one month, he refined three thousand pills! And he inquired that the Fang family



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