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Chapter list: The latest chapter Chapter list: “Your Majesty, you really misunderstood. The concubine really didn’t mean that. The concubine just heard two adults say that she entered the palace to see the emperor. It happened that the concubine just came out of the Palace of Compassion Knowing that the emperor is going to accompany the empress dowager, he might not be free for the time being, and seeing the two lords walking in a hurry and looking tired from the Evolution game, Mozzartbet decided to take the two lords to rest for a while, and wait for the emperor to leave the Palace of Compassion and Ning before paying homage. The concubine really doesn’t have the slightest intention of doing anything wrong!” Just after being thrown down, Xia Yuqing immediately hugged Feng Tingye’s thigh tightly and wailed, and secretly twisted Roulette’s own thigh in order to be realistic. The pain made her teary-eyed. Gotta… pinch it hard! In fact, most of Feng Tingye’s anger disappeared on the way back, his head calmed down a little, and he immediately heard the gaps in the two people’s words just now, and he already understood the whole story in his heart. When he opened his mouth, Xia Yuqing howled first. This is great, Feng Tingye’s Online Casino interest also came up, he stretched out his hand to pinch Xia Yuqing’s chin and raised her face, his smile changed color: “Hearing is believing, seeing is believing, what I see with my own eyes is true.” Could it be fake? sports betting” betting Xia Yuqing was terrified by Feng Tingye’s sinister smile, her whole body shivered, her mouth shrugged, and she broke the jar and said, “How can the emperor trust his concubine?” The big bad wolf murmured At the beginning, Hu You’s little white rabbit who didn’t change his face: “Just now I saw that my concubine behaves intimately with the two adults, and their conversation is ambiguous. Since my concubine insists on denying the intimacy with the two of them, she should come up with real evidence. Fair and strict, I will definitely not wrong you.” Xia Yuqing was stunned, tilted her head and asked, “What evidence does the emperor want to see?” Feng Tingye swept



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