World-Proud Pill God Betting Chapter 2318 Spinmatic

Text “You traitor, colluding with Long Jinrong, don’t think I don’t know about it. (Wenshan, update more soon)” When the Great Elder heard Chen Xiang’s voice transmission, he began to pay attention to this traitor. This traitor elder just now It’s really just pretending to fight, it looks very easy, and there are many dragons around him who are struggling, and he just doesn’t help. Therefore, the Great Elder was even more sure that this was the traitor from Man City. “Great elder, you…you are so ruthless.” The traitor elder raised his head and laughed loudly: “The Dragon Emperor is dead. Although the Evil Spirit Clan failed to attack, they still have the Evil Spirit Emperor. The Dragon Clan can only submit to the Evil Spirit Clan In order to avoid the extermination of the clan, you all rumble and die.” The dragons of the Dragon Clan couldn’t believe it when they heard that the Dragon Emperor had died, but they all believed it when they saw the grief on the expression of the Great Elder at this time. “Great Elder, is this true?” Long Lin hurried up and asked. “BGaming is real, but you don’t need to be sad. The Dragon Emperor died of exhaustion. He has done enough for our Dragon Msports. Over the years, he has worked hard for us Slot Games, which has resulted in no time for him to practice. I just died of old age, we must not let him down for everything he has paid for me, we must cheer up, even if we die, we must never submit to the Evil Spirit Clan, and we must never be such a traitor.” The voice of the Great Elder shook the sky, and he spoke impassionedly After finishing speaking, he killed the traitorous elder Roulette with a single palm. The entire Dragon Clan fell into silence at this time. Although they were grieving, they didn’t show it, because they must, as the Great Elder said, never become negative because of the baccarat, and must cheer up. “The old lair of the evil spirits has been destroyed by me, and now the evil spirits are against us



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