Betting World-Proud Pill God Chapter 2258 Surebet247 Ambitious

Slot Games can produce such an effect, which means that there are a lot of bone magic pills in the jade box, Hua Langhe got up and walked over quickly. “Big…Brother, did you make a mistake?” After taking a deep breath, he said hastily. Both he and he believed that Chen Xiang had given them the jade box by mistake, but they couldn’t help being shocked that Chen Xiang actually had so many high-grade Bone God Bet9ja Pills. If Chen Xiang had a strong backing and was not afraid of the Alchemy Academy and He, with Surebet247’s high-grade bone alchemy, he would definitely be able to overturn the corner of the wall. “Piggy Island Novels” novel chapters are updated the fastest. “That’s right, this is what your magic medicines are made from!” Chen Xiang smiled faintly: “I’m different from other alchemy gods. When I was refining alchemy in the premier league, I always pursued Extreme! In the hands of other pill gods, Kěnéng only has one or two pills of liverpool, but in my hands, I can refine six pills!” Teng betting Yong and Hua Lang were speechless baccarat, top-grade bones The divine pill can be refined into six pills in one batch. From their point of view, this is amazing. They heard that there are only three pills that are more powerful in the alchemy academy! Teng Yong and Jing Ze were moved and joyful in their hearts. Chen Xiang didn’t secretly take away some of the Bone Spirit Pills, but gave them all. They felt that even if Chen Xiang gave them two pills per furnace, they would be so happy, and definitely not. Will be suspicious! This made them even more believe that Chen Xiang is their big brother. “Thank you, big brother!” Teng Yong and Jing Ze said very moved, because they would never be angry with the Alchemy Academy again, and they would never have to be manipulated by the Alchemy Academy. “I really want to smash the Alchemy Academy to pieces right now!” Teng Yong clenched his fists.



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