Aoshidan Casino Slot God Chapter 2243 Bisheng flashscore God Lotus

Text Chen Xiang came to that lobby, and heard someone talking about the armored dragon crocodile, he didn’t expect it to spread so fast, everyone knew what happened at the auction! Because Yu Zhen has the appearance of a young man, he is a big celebrity in the eyes of many young people, but now he was killed by some unknown people because Yu Zhen snatched half of the armored dragon crocodile from others! Now Datianmen is asking for news everywhere, they want to find out who the murderer is! Endorphina Datianmen was beheaded by a great elder and many people in his home city, which has become the laughing stock of others, so now Datianmen must find out who did it, otherwise they will not be able to hold their heads up. Msports()In Eternal Mountain, many people know about the Premier League armored dragon crocodile, because this is a very powerful alien beast, killing one head is worth ten, many people are deeply impressed by it! On the day of the rumble, Feng Wu went to hunt and kill the alien beasts. Some people knew about this, so it spread immediately. After all, Feng Wu had achieved good results in the past three years, killing a total of 90 alien beasts. Although she was a woman, she No one doubted her strength. Feng Wu NetEnt went to work, it is a relatively secret place! “The upper body of the armored dragon crocodile? We have to get news, and this upper body is not in your hands.” The old man in charge of collecting said, how could he not know such important news. “I finished it with my friend. Although there was a lot of trouble in the Slot Games, there was no trouble caused by Wan Gushan! After all, it was Yu Zhen who made the wrong betting first.” Feng Wu said: “If Yu Zhen hadn’t snatched the other half of the corpse, There will be more now.” “Is that friend of yours from Wangu Mountain?” the old man asked, and the body of the armored dragon crocodile was indeed



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