BGaming Proud Spinmatic World Alchemy Chapter 2228 Against the Nine Emperors

Huo Lin nodded in the text, man city is also very familiar with his la liga injury betting, if BGaming hadn’t made the move during Chen Xiang and Pragmatic play just now, he might really be defeated by the Black Stone God Venerable! Although he is a beast in the center of the earth, as the Black Stone God Venerable said, he is still very young, and he is not an opponent at all. God Venerable Blackstone died very unjustly, his strength was very strong, he shouldn’t have died like this, so when he was stabbed in the back by Chen Xiang, he hated him to death, but there was nothing he could do. After Chen Xiang came to the ground from the center of the earth, he immediately went to the Nine Heavens Temple! If Emperor Jiushen comes, Jiu Canghai will definitely live happily and read happily. All staff of Wenshan wish all readers happy every day! The silent thief also hopes to bring you happiness



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