Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2168 of Premier LeagueSlot Games The Mysterious Domain

In order to ensure the absolute stability of the alchemy furnace, Chen Xiang used the method in the art of celestial refining called “Eight Heavens Lianhai Town”. Get up, even if the inside is like a sea of ​​waves, the outside will be very stable. After he performed it, Naxiang Hongdao frowned slightly, because what he saw suddenly became very blurry, now there was only a shadow, and it was still faintly visible, he didn’t know what he did. Chen Xiang didn’t know that Xiang Hongdao could see the inside of his alchemy furnace, Pragmatic play he cast the eight-day refining sea town, and it was just to suppress the inside of the alchemy furnace, because he was going to do something very violent next. Like BetWinner last time, he divided the purple-gold medicinal liquid into six groups. Under his control, these six medicinal liquids gradually moved away from the center and reached the edge of the alchemy furnace. “It’s started, the most critical moment.” Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and then let out a muffled snort, controlling the purple-gold medicinal liquid of the six Premier League balls to suddenly hit Endorphina together. Boom, there was a strong vibration inside the pill furnace, and the explosive force was very strong, but it only made the Msports pill furnace tremble slightly. When his alchemy furnace was trembling, not to mention Xiang Hongdao, even Rumble, who was watching carefully under the stage, could notice it. “What’s the matter with Spinmatic, his alchemy furnace is shaking.” Concubine Lian said softly, her charming face was full of worry, and she also knew a lot about alchemy. It wasn’t long after the Liverpool champions league at the beginning, and the alchemy furnace appeared suddenly. Stable situation, which is not a good thing. “It’s okay.” Xiao Baifeng said, when Chen Xiang baccarat was concocting alchemy in her house back then, the movement was much more terrifying than now, her house was almost destroyed, but in the end he succeeded in alchemy. many under



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