Live betting Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2153 Mysterious Roulette Mysterious Concubine Lian

Text “Mother, you really plan to leave him alone, he is my younger brother after all.” The woman asked in a low voice. “You look like me, but do you think your younger brother looks like me?” Concubine Lian smiled charmingly and touched her daughter’s face: “Silly boy, after all these years, don’t you think you can’t see that little bastard at all?” Isn’t my son Mozzartbet?” “This…” The woman stopped talking live betting, she was very clear about the struggle among the emperor’s nine palaces, her mother’s premier league got the prince from somewhere, it must be to win God Emperor Ding was happy. “But he is indeed your father’s son. It’s just that little bastard’s son who was brought here by me. I just didn’t expect this guy to be so useless. I wasted so many resources on him. Now I’m beaten It’s good to be disabled, so that he won’t cause trouble for me everywhere in the future.” Concubine Lian was very grateful to Chen Xiang in her heart. Now that Emperor Shending is gone, she doesn’t need to look at the face of Emperor Shending anymore, so she just found a reason to give up Prince Ping, who is not her own son anyway. And Xiao Yulan also told her before, telling her not to touch Chen Xiang, it shows that Xiao Yulan attaches great importance to Chen Xiang. “Jin’er, don’t talk about this. Let me tell you now. I’m just worried that you, who are kind-hearted, will be deceived by that bastard. By the way, follow the cardinal and learn more from her, otherwise you will be in the future.” Chelsa in the palace will only be bullied, look at this girl Bai Feng, you just picked up a treasure.” Concubine Lian touched Xiao Jin’er’s head, although her daughter has a very charming face, but she is very charming. Innocent. Concubine Lian felt that it was all because she had cared too much for her daughter over the years, which resulted in her not having much training in NetEnt, roulette but



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