World Proud Pill God Chapter rumble213affiliate Chapter 8 Wizards Battle

Chen Xiang has also heard of Qianyuan Shenhuo Pill, which is recorded in the knowledge of pills that Feng Yujie passed to Spinmatic to him. As long as he eats the Qianyuan Shenhuo Pill corresponding to his own strength, he can absorb the sun between heaven and earth. The supernatural power condenses the flame godhead with a very strong flashscore. It’s just that you need to eat a lot to continuously absorb and quickly condense your godhead. This kind of pill is indeed very precious. “This is an alchemy formula at the level of the Supreme God Pill, but you can also use the top-grade magic medicine to refine the top-grade magic pill.” Xiao Ping said with a smile: “Now you have the motivation to compare with me.” Xiao Ping was just worried that Chen Xiang would not take it. Comparing with himself with all his strength, that’s why Endorphina did this. In the eyes of many people, this is an behavior that Pragmatic Play can’t understand. “However, you also need to come up with something to bet with me.” Xiao Ping said again. “I can’t afford it. I’m very poor. During this time, Sister Baifeng was helping me during the Slot Games, and she provided me with the alchemy furnace.” Chen Xiang spread his hands. Of course Chen Xiang has good things, but they cannot be gambled, he is not as prodigal as this Xiao Ping. “One billion divine essence stones, how about it. BetWinner” Xiao Ping looked at Xiao Baifeng: “She should be able to afford these divine essence stones.” “Shen Fei, Prince Peace, let’s bet, I will pay for the one billion divine essence stones. “Xiao Baifeng immediately agreed without any hesitation, which shows that she has great confidence in Chen Xiang, and she also knows the value of Qianyuanshen Leap Fire Pill. Chen Xiang chuckled: “Prince Ping, don’t worry, I will definitely use chelsa to show my strength, but don’t become angry if you lose.” “Do I really think that real madrid would do such a thing?” Xiao Ping smiled, he had already picked up the invisible fruit and started to check it. “Well, since it’s the same



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