NetEnt Proud chelsa Shidan God Chapter 2108 Hell Brand

Searching novels: Ren Tianyong was the first to strike, and he walked to the young man’s side, put one hand on his shoulder, and forcibly checked the strength of this la liga man’s divine sea. “City Master…you are… ah…” The man suddenly cried out in pain, and bursts of extremely terrifying evil spirits emerged from his body. The crowd immediately moved away from the three of Betting, and they were also extremely surprised. Among them, Nairabet really had spies, and they had some incredible identities. Just now Gu Dongchen sent a voice transmission secretly, and Liu Fusheng came to these two elders and said coldly: “I am not mean to you, but you still betray me!” “City lord… what did you say? This It must be a misunderstanding!” an old man said hastily. “Misunderstanding?” Demon Killing God slapped him, and he didn’t know what method Spinmatic used for Liverpool. After he slapped the old man, evil spirits emerged from the old man, covering the lobby. “Tell me honestly, did you tell me about the battle that day?” said the God of Punishment in a cold voice. Bai Youyou walked over, and said in a cold voice: “Let me directly search for the soul to find out…” Chen Xiang hurriedly shouted: “No, their souls belong to the Devil Emperor of Hell, forcibly checking their memories will make them The souls are self-destroyed.” The three spies were startled, because they didn’t know about it, but they knew that the Devil Emperor of Hell had manipulated their souls. God’s trust. “City lord… Let me tell you, can you let me live? We have no choice but to. Our Pragmatic Play’s lifespan is about to run out. When we went out, we were killed by the devil emperor of hell.



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