World Proud Pill God Chapter 2048 Affiliate Heavenly Demon Earth Rumble Formation

Chen Xiang suddenly cursed secretly in his heart, but now he was doing business, this Jiu Hanrou actually tempted him from time to time, and it was the kind of full firepower. On this deserted grassland, Jiu Hanrou slowly took off her dress. Although she didn’t completely take off 1xBet, the temptation to cover up a few parts is the most powerful. “Xiao Jiujie, what are you doing.” Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he really didn’t know what was going on with Jiu Hanrou. Jiu Hanrou snorted softly, picked up the clothes and put them on, and said: “You guys are so greedy for beauty, I’m worried that you won’t be able to resist the temptation when you enter the Nine Heavens Demon Palace, you have to be clear, since the last time you summoned, the Nine Heavens Demon The traps in the temple are completely different, those Bet9ja kingdoms have improved those traps, as far as I know, they are targeting your flashscore from your weakness.” “And your weakness is lust, my sister said before, there are Sometimes this aspect is indeed your weakness, but sometimes your ability to resist is very strong. When I tried it before, because you hugged Qilian and Zilan, the evil desire for beauty in your heart was transferred to them. Slot, so that time is not counted, I tried poker again just now, and the result made me quite satisfied.” Jiu Hanrou patted Chen Xiang’s Pragmatic Play on the shoulder: “Sister is right, your resistance in this aspect is indeed true. Very strong.” Chen Xiang breathed out: “Scared me to death, affiliate, I thought you were angry with me, so you were testing me Nairabet.” Jiu Hanrou nodded: “I didn’t talk to you before, yes Your indifference is to make you feel that I am ignoring you. At this time, you will hope that I will talk to you in your heart, so I am here at this time.



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