Night Ranger Eighth Paripesa Chapter Seventeen [Eliman City Sabeth]

Text “Who?” As early as when the figures of Marvin and Lola appeared at the entrance of the mountainside, a figure by the lake had already noticed their existence. The mountainside is a naturally formed hollow, with the faint shimmer of baccarat exuding above it, which are some gems or night pearls. Next to the house by the lake, two braziers were lit, illuminating a nearby area. And Marvin’s arrival can be detected from such a distance, which shows the high perception of the other party’s Evolution game. However, Marvin was not prepared to hide his figure. He walked over generously. Two figures by the lake approached vigilantly, each holding two daggers in their hands. These are two thieves. “Halfling?” Laura exclaimed when she walked to the very close Real Madrid. Marvin frowned, and turned to stare at her, Laura didn’t dare to say more. However, her big eyes still looked curiously at the two halflings who lived in seclusion here. “Didn’t Master Marvin just say that he was going to see an old friend? Why don’t these two halflings seem to know him?” The girl was full of doubts. “Hello, Mr. Tuke, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the current lord of the White River Valley—Marvin.” “That’s your neighbor.” Marvin showed a sincere smile and asked one of the young The halfling who stepped forward stretched out his hand. The latter showed a hint of hesitation, and finally shook hands with Marvin reluctantly. “Do you know my name?” “Of course.” Marvin Endorphina said: “A wise man told me about this tunnel. My territory is in short supply of food. I need to go to Jewel Bay to buy it. If I go the official way, it is obviously too late .only



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